ZOONA, a mobile financial service provider, says it has launched a new financial technology (Fintech) spinoff product called Tilt which is focused on serving business customers.

Under Tilt Zoona has developed a new bulk payment platform, where customers, employees or beneficiaries can access cash at any Zoona, Kazang or Afrivance agents nationwide.

In a statement made available to the media, Zoona Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brad Magrath says the Tilt partnerships have resulted in USD $37 million in value being transacted over the platform between July and September in Zambia.

Magrath said the company will continue to engage with mobile network operators and banks to facilitate payments into wallets and accounts adding that business customers will have a full suite of cash and digital payment offerings available to them.

He added that the company is looking forward to connecting with many more partners to help solve customer problems within the market.

“We believe interoperability, and increased cash and digital payment options is the future, and together we can change the way Africa transacts,” he said.

Meanwhile, Magrath said Zoona, is adapting to the changes happening in the financial sector and they are now shifting their strategy towards helping businesses have better access and reach to finances. 

“The world of financial services has moved away from money transfers to a focus on mobile money and other products entering the market,” he said.

Magrath said the Zoona agent network and the entrepreneurs operating them remains critical adding that the company is currently streamlining it to a smaller, stronger network of agents who are reliable, liquid and well trained.

He further said Zoona is focused on making more products partnerships available at their platform by joining hands with other financial service providers such as Mukuru, Atlas Mara and MTN.

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