Roland Msiska

Zambia Atomic Agency Director Roland Msiska

ZAMBIA Atomic Agency Director Roland Msiska says load-shedding is likely to shrink the Zambian economy by USD $1 billion due to production constraints and power imports.

Speaking when he made a presentation during the second Zambia Conference on Geology, Mining, Metallurgy and Ground Water Resources whose theme was dubbed “Diversification and Value Addition in the 21st Century” in Kitwe at the weekend, Msiska said with production constraints facing the country due to power cuts, Zambia is estimated to loose in excess USD $1 billion hence the need to embrace the nuclear programme that the government has embarked on.

Msiska said the 6000 megawatts (MW) potential is likely to be swallowed by an increased population.

“In 2030, the population is estimated to be around 23 million with an electricity demand of about 27 000 MW and in 2060 the population is likely to be around 56.8 million which will require about 55 000 MW fo electricity,” he said.

Msiska pointed out that the mining sector keeps on expanding causing more demand for power, hence the need to support nuclear energy.

He said embracing nuclear energy will come with a lot of economic benefit benefits such as artificial intelligence, robotics and smart grid among others.

Msiska, who is a former Secretary to the Cabinet, said the construction of a nuclear power plant would produce 2400 MW of power generating about USD $1.3 billion with USD $200 million tax revenue.