Zambia Breweries celebrate a decade of investment in local businesses

Zambian Breweries on Wednesday announced it has invested more than $400 million in Zambia in the last ten years, boosting the economy, creating jobs and supporting local businesses.

“By investing, we are helping the economy grow, and this means more jobs, business for retail traders and a knock-on effect for the wider community," said director Jose Moran.

“At Zambian Breweries, our dream is to bring people together for a growing world, part of that dream is to ensure we are an investor in Zambia for the long-term. By investing in the latest technology and building capacity we are able to grow production capacity, and that means more jobs, more tax revenue and a greater contribution to society and the economy,” Moran said.

According to the company, the investment in production capacity has also had a knock-on effect along the company’s supply chain, growing the market for local agricultural products.

“To get there, we will drive agricultural productivity, innovation and resilience to support our growers and their communities. Zambian Breweries has embarked on a deliberate and inclusive policy to create an out-grower cassava scheme covering over 4,000 small-scale farmers, who are predominantly women and youths, from Luapula Province and Kasama District,” said Moran.

The company added that it has reported double-digit growth in production of clear beer, up 16 percent on the previous year, driven by improved demand across segments and strong growth of its affordable Eagle lager, said finance director Faith Mukutu.

And earlier this year, the manufacturer said its project to source cassava for its affordable lager from small scale farmers is set to reach 5,000 producers in the country by the end of this year.

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