ZAMBEZI Portland Cement has installed a £23 million plant that will help double production to 3,840 tonnes daily.

Speaking in an interview, Company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Gomeli Litana said he is confident that by January 2020 the new cement mill will be commissioned.

Zambezi Portland Cement currently produces 2,160 tonnes of cement daily.

Litana said with production expected to increase, the company is focused on penetrating new frontiers in the Southern and Eastern parts of the country.

Litana said Zambezi Portland Cement has a good share of business in the Northern part of the country but they want the product to capture more people from areas like Lusaka, Eastern, Western and Southern provinces.

He said the company has its biggest market in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but currently the trade has reduced by 30 per cent.

Litana said the company is only exporting 6,000 tonnes of cement to the DRC from 12,000.

He said the drop is due to stiff competition from other companies who have penetrated the Congo market.

He stressed that locally the company is facing competition from Lafarge Zambia PLC, Danngote Limited and Sinoma Cement among other companies who are also targeting the DRC market.

He adde that the company has since embarked on a survey to determne if all they can penetrate the Great Lakes region through Mpulungu Harbour in the Northern circuit.