Hon Christopher Yaluma

Commerce Minister Christopher Yaluma

By Barnabas Zulu

MINISTER of Commerce, Trade and Industry  Christopher Yaluma has assured Indian investors of a stable, safe and secure business environment.

Speaking during the 2019 India-Zambia Business Forum in Lusaka on Thursday, Yaluma urged Indian investors to prefer Zambia as their only investment destination.

He stated that Indian investment would be safe because the country’s political climate remained stable.

“I wish to use this platform to assure the Indian business community and would-be investors in Zambia that the Patriotic Front government will ensure that investments are safe. I think that is true; who would dispute that? I don’t think you have heard that we have changed governments through some brutal…(means); it has been straightforward, we just go to the polls, like it happened in Kafue (District); that’s what we do,” Yaluma said.

“…You throw in, and whoever you don’t want, you kick the government you don’t want. And we have done it seven times; changing governments without any civil war, misunderstandings, coup d’états and stuff like that. So, we are very stable and peaceful, politically. So, your money will be very, very safe here!”

He said despite Zambia and India having enjoyed long, historical and cultural links since Independence, trade volumes between the two countries remained low and mainly in favour of the latter.