Coffee plantation

Coffee Plantation

MINISTER of Commerce Christopher Yaluma has disclosed that prospective investors are in Northern Province to look at the possibilities of setting up a large scale coffee estate.

Yaluma said government was eager to revamp the coffee industry in the province which had remained stagnant despite having the best climatic conditions for coffee production.

Yaluma said that during the visit of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu abroad he engaged several of the investors with some  of them exploring possibilities of establishing big coffee farms in the Northern Province particularly Mungwi District.

The Minister said the coming of foreign investors will boost the interest of local farmers to start growing the highly priced cash crop thereby creating wealth for the people.

“If you recall when Kateshi Coffee Company now owned by Olam Coffee came into being, it encouraged locals to grow coffee on the out grower schemes. There was sensitization on the need for locals to get involved in growing the cash crops, that is what we want to encourage,” he said.

He said Mungwi and Kasama used to grow a lot of coffee both on large and small scale saying even backward coffee growing was practiced.