Maize bran

THE Diary Association of Zambia (DAZ) has urged government to consider suspending the export of maize bran to bring down the cost of feed stock for diary animals.

DAZ Executive Manager Jeremiah Kasalo said the cost of feed stock has gone up by 30 percent because of drought experienced in the last farming season resulting in low maize yield.

Kasalo said a temporal suspension of maize bran would protect the local diary sector, which is grappling with problems caused by poor rainfall in the last rain season.

He said despite the rise in feed stock prices, most farmers are still selling milk at the same old price, which is not sustainable for their businesses.

“As we speak, farmers are selling raw milk at K4 per litre, but they are buying a bag of diary mill (feed) at K120 for a 50 kilogram bag while sunflower is not readily available because of the drought, which is not sustainable for farmers,” he said.

Kasalo further said local dairy processors were not able to compete with their foreign counterparts because the latter were not affected by drought.

“we are in a situation where farmers are already struggling to maintain teir anaimals beacausre of the dry spell, so I think it would be in order for government to also stop the importation of some diary products,” he said.

He said the continued influx of dairy products from South Africa on the local market will push most farmers out of the business.

“What Zimbabwe has done is that if Parmalat or Varun are exporting to that country,25 per cent is charged per litre while for us [Zambia] we are allowing other countries to export products without any charge,” he said

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