THE Zambia Association of Manufacturers (zam) has called on government to enact anti-dumping laws to protect the local industry.

ZAM Vice President-North GS Reuben said there is need to put in place some mechanisms to safeguard the local manufacturers from undue competition on the influx that imported products were causing.

“The government should make some steps to protect the local industry from imported goods being dumped in the country,” he said.

Reuben was commenting on the on-going African Continental Free Trade Area (aFCTA) debate.

He said issues of free trade area were sensitive and that manufacturers were keenly following the development.

He said the country should cautiously analyse the implications of joining the AfCTA broad market which if not well not well handled, would result in dumping of foreign goods thereby the local manufacturing industry.

“Big economies with export capabilities like South Africa have not ratified the instrument to join the free market, this is how sensitive the issue is,” he said.

Reuben also urged manufacturers in the country to be innovative and cost efficient for their goods to be competitive on the local and regional market as well as maintain production amid challenges.