Govt stiffens penalties to curtail abuse of government vehicles

Government recently announced revised penalties meant to curtail usage of government vehicles.

The Ministry of Works and Supply announced measures to control the usage of government vehicles as government was spending huge sums of money on fuel and repairs.

The announcement was followed by weekend patrols in which a number of government vehicles were impounded for operating outside normal working hours or without valid documents.

In a statement, the ministry said a recent country-wide operation to monitor the utilisation of government vehicles revealed instances of misuse hence the decision to stiffen the penalties.

Among the measures include that only officers in possession of a valid government certificate of competence will be allowed to drive government vehicles, authorized drivers will be at all time required to have a valid drivers' license, and a pass from controlling officers will be required for pool vehicles required to operate during the weekend.

According to the revised penalties, any person who is not a government employee found driving a government vehicle will be made to pay ZMK5,000 from ZMK1,000 while driving a government vehicle without a valid certificate of competence will attract a penalty of ZMK1,000 from ZMK500.

"In this regard, it has become necessary to remind all ministries, provinces and spending agencies on the need to strictly adhere to the regulations on the management of government motor vehicles," the statement said.

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