Government to introduce law regulating alcohol consumption

Government said on Wednesday that it will soon introduce a bill in parliament aimed at controlling alcohol consumption in the country.

The Minister of Religious Affairs and Guidance, Godfridah Sumaili, said the bill will act as a control measure against the increased levels of alcohol consumption in the country.

The government, she said, was concerned about the abuse of alcohol especially by young people, adding that high levels of alcohol consumption has not only destroyed families but retarded national development.

According to her, the government will work closely with other stakeholders on the contents of the bill, adding that the proposed law was in line with address by President Edgar Lungu where he called for the need to promote values and morals in the country.

In spite of having laws such as age-limit for drinking alcohol and restricted hours for drinking places to start selling alcohol, Zambia has been battling with the problem of alcohol for years.

According to the World Health Organisation, 76% of men and 23% of women in Zambia consume alcohol.

According to medical experts, alcoholism was reported to be a major cause of mental disorders in the country, with about 80% of people admitted to Chainama Hills Hospital, which deals with mental patients suffering from mental disorder caused by alcohol misuse and drug abuse.

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