Firms without licences to stop handling mineral products, government orders

Government on Tuesday directed companies without licenses to stop handling mineral products with effect from Thursday, March 15.

Mooya Lumamba, Director of Mines in the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development, said all companies without valid mining licenses, mineral processing licenses and mineral trading permits must stop handling mineral products.

"It is the desire of the government that the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development and other relevant agencies such as the Zambia Revenue Authority have full oversight of the mineral supply/value chain to ensure effective monitoring of the mineral production and exports," he said in a statement.

Mining, minerals processing and trading companies are required to report whatever they mine, import or export, he said, adding that transacting in mineral products without relevant license or permit was illegal and punishable by law.

He further said the ministry has engaged the revenue agency to ensure that customs only allows authentic companies with relevant documents from all the relevant institutions to import or export any mineral products.

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