ZESCO Managing Director Victor Mundende says thre is need for Zambians to embrace alternative sources of energy to help ease the impact of load-shedding.

Speaking at the Alternative Sources of Energy Exhibition in Lusaka last week, Mundende said there was a steady increase in demand of electricity supply due to growth in the construction sector, manufacturing, agriculture and mining activities.

He said the growth in demand of power had put pressure on the capacity to meet the demand and further affected by the poor rainfall experienced during the last rain season.

Mundende explained that the in-flows into the Kariba and Itezhi-tezhi reservoirs were lower than the usual trends and the dam levels continues to recede.

According to the Zambezi River Authority, the water levels in the lake Kariba as of November 24, 2019 stood at 477.20 m above the sea level of 475m indicating that the dam is at 13% full capacity.

He said the receding water levels have reduced power generation hence calling on the people to embrace the use of alternative sources of power.