Daewoo Engineering and Construction has resumed the construction of the Kazungula Bridge after operations were suspended.

KOREAN firm Daewoo Engineering and Construction Company has resumed the construction of the Kazungula Bridge weeks after operations were halted due to the failure by the Zambian government to pay for the project.

The company says they have been paid a sum of US$16.72 million which has since gone towards the construction fees of the bridge that borders Zambia and Botswana.

The Korean firm had temporarily suspended field work in order to prevent losses from the Kazungula Bridge project, considering that Korean builders were unable to actively cope with unpaid work on the sites.

This prompted President Edgar Lungu to hold a meeting with his Botswana counterpart Mokgweetsi Masisi on April 2, 2019 at State House in Lusaka in which the two Heads of States reaffirmed their commitment to the completion of the project.

Speaking after the talks President Lungu said it was the intention of Africa’s founding fathers to have the region connected.

Lungu said Zambia and Botswana want Zimbabwe to be part of the project and that they will continue engaging their counterpart over the matter.

Meanwhile, President Masisi said his visit to Zambia was to reinforce the confidence in the construction of Kazungula Bridge and ensure the contractor resumes work because all otheutstanding obligations to the contractor have since been met.

Masisi further said the project should have initially been a combined undertaking among Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, with the aim of promoting trade among other benefits.

He said Zambia and Botswana have embraced the idea of having equity shareholding with Zimbabwe on condition that they meet the financial obligations to co-own the project.

Masisi added that Namibia is also being incorporated in the project as the bridge has potential to benefit that country and create employment in the region.