Isaac Mwaipopo

CENTRE for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD) has urged government to engage key stakeholders I coming up with regulations to help manage gold mining in the country.

In a statement sent to the media, CTPD Executive Director Isaac Mwaipopo says the recent discoveries of god in Mwinilunga, Rufunsa and Petauke provide an opportunity for government to draft and execute a gold game plan that will benefit Zambians.

“Government needs to be commended for the bold steps taken so far in securing the area where gold mining is being undertaken. An example include Kasenseli in Mwinliunga. This step has greatly helped in eliminating illegal gold activities. Government needs to handle gold mining in a consultative and transparent manner,” he says.

  He says securing gold mining areas is a strategic step that culminates in generating the right plan for the sector.

Mwaipopo explains that the move taken by government through ZCCM-IH to undertake explorations activities in Mwinilunga is also commendable.

He says the move will ensure that government negotiate good mining deals with multinational corporations.

“We cannot begin to talk about a resource and its potential for alleviating poverty if the reserves are not known both by tonnage and quality,” Mwaipopo says.

Mwaipopo adds that government needs to engage with the community to help them understand its plans for the mining sector.

He says the use of primitive mining techniques is an increasing growing concern in the exploitation process of the gold resources as the technique do not adhere to good safety practices, thereby posing danger to the miners.

Mwaipopo has also revealed that his institution is working in collaboration with the University of Zambia in undertaking a gold mining study that aims to unveil what should be the right step forward for the maximum benefits of Zambians.


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