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CROSS border traders says the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in China and high cost of transport triggered by the recent fuel hike has affected business.

Southern African Cross Border Traders Association (SACBTA) General Secretary Jacob Makambwe says cross border traders would continue grappling in 2020 due to restrictions in movements as a result of virus outbreak in China and other local factors.

“ We trade a lot with China, right now some traders are marooned and quarantined in China, so there will be loss of business,” says Makambwe.

He says this will mean cross-border traders consuming capital while waiting for the situation to normalise.

Makambwe says as a precautionary measure, the association was engaging members on the need to be alert as they plan to travel to that country adding that disruption in business between the two countries would hurt local businesses.

He says the Chinese market was more strategic as such more efforts should be made to contain the disease as the prolonged virus prevalence would impact the Zambian economy.

He adds that the recent electricity and fuel hikes and Kwacha depreciation would continue affecting profitability going forward.

“We continue to be confronted by high cost of doing business as a result of electricity and fuel hike coupled ithlocal currency depreciation, so t5ransportation of goods becomes expensive hence uncompetitive in the region,” he says.

He hopes the economy would improve to lessen the cost of doing business as locally manufactured goods were more expensive compared to the region.

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