FINANCE Minister Bwalya Ng’andu has called on Zambians to be vigilant in curbing the country’s low tax compliancy levels to promote fiscal fitness.

Speaking at the Livingstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized post-budget discussion on Sunday, October 27, 2019 Ngandu said tax compliance should be every citizen’s concern and responsibility.

He said a lot of people who ought to pay tax are not doing so and many others are paying less than they should.

He noted that even as the government is working to close-up gaps in revenue collection, the situation calls for every citizen’s vigilance because tax evasion has a ripple effect on the economy.

And Ng’andu said his ministry is also working to resolve the wastage and abuse of financial resources in the public sector.

He observed that management of the public service wage bill, for instance, is being looked at with the intention of riding it off ghost workers and enhance the procurement function to include out-comes as opposed to the process alone.

Ng’andu said the various measures being undertaken by Government are meant to improve revenue collection in the country and stimulate the economy.

Meanwhile, the Minister also observed the need to diversify to other sources of energy to mitigate the current electricity deficit the country is facing due to climate change.

He also noted the need for the country to promote and open up more tourist destinations.

Ng’andu said the low water levels experienced this year at the country’s number one tourism product, the Victoria Falls should be a reminder to explore and promote new sites.

And speaking at the same event, Livingstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Namakau Sianga said the chamber is confident that the Ministry of Finance will continue to adopt robust economic policies anchored on stakeholder active and inclusive participation.

Sianga reaffirmed her chamber’s commitment to working with the government to foster development.

She also pledged the private sector’s commitment to compliance in support of measures to be effected to kindle the economy.

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