Consulting and Investment

As the most complete source of business information in Zambia with a wealth of important contacts, we are able to provide quality linkages in the public and private sectors.

The media work of the Partners Group, a wide range of highly skilled and trusted partners and the ability to provide and link to financing opportunities puts the pgzambia.com team in a unique position to offer consulting on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Providing linkages to access to project finance up to USD $500 million
  • Providing linkages to access to SME finance from USD $10,000 up to USD $1 million for a variety of purposes
  • Investment & market entry strategy consulting
  • Research
  • Assisting with the buying and selling of property
  • Acquisition of permits and licenses
  • Key staff recruitment
  • Performance Improvement Workshops
  • Feasibility studies
  • Government Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Providing linkages to quality and reliable partners across a variety of sectors

Acquisition of Permits and Licences

The right experience, contacts and expertise to help new investors with the acquisition of permits and licenses in Zambia.

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Feasibility Studies

Access to industry experts and networks to facilitate feasibility studies across a variety of sectors in Zambia.

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Staff Recruitment and HR

Assistance with key staff recruitment via PGZambia's extensive networks and sophisticated recruitment tools.

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Government Relations

Government relations assistance helps to open up dialogue, facilitate mediation or highlight challenges investors and businesses may be experiencing.

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Public Relations

Tthe Partners Group has expertise in crafting messages to assist companies and organisations facing a wide variety of audiences.

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Investment & Market Entry Strategy

We can help new investors reduce the steep learning curve that comes with entering a new market, enabling businesses to be profitable more quickly.

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Partners Group often gets asked to conduct research from a wide range of different stakeholders in order to achieve a wide range of outcomes.

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Providing Linkages

From people, to products, to markets, to sources of finance and other partnerships, Partners Group can link businesses in Zambia with almost anything.

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Performance Improvement

Track, monitor and improve your performance using the PGZambia Business Index and other services,