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African Power Coal Ltd is a mining company that focuses on coal mining with the aim of creating a thermal plant that will cushion power deficit in Zambia.

African Power Coal Ltd was incorporated in 2016 with the aim of cushioning the current power deficit in Zambia and Southern Africa. It is the intention of African Power Coal Ltd to put up a coal mine alongside a thermal power plant supplying an initial 750 Mega Watts to the Zambia grid with the potential of up scaling to provide 1, 200 Mega Watts with the potential of building transmissions lines to Angola and the DRC.

In this quest to deliver sustainable energy, African Power Coal Ltd is setting new benchmarks for operational efficiency investing in global resources and redefining paradigms. Our main focus is building lasting and trusting relationships with its customers, partners and employees and the legacy of caring for our communities remains the bedrock of our sustainability.

African Power Coal Ltd aims to energise consumer lifestyles by providing sustainable power and hopes to inspire efficient use of energy and endeavor to educate our customers about the benefits of implementing energy conservation practices. We are committed to developing our business in a way that adds value to our local communities and also aims to set higher benchmarks in terms of development standards and in the implementing of cutting edge eco-friendly technologies and processes of energy management.

As APCL's aim to strive to lead the reform process for sustainable power, it is also committed to safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Coal Mining

African Power Coal Limited has acquired a couple of mines from The Ministry of Mines and plan on adopting open pit mining methods using scientific practices and modern heavy duty earth moving equipment to produce quality coal. This method ensures fast and precises extraction of this precious mineral resource.

Power Generation

African Power Coal Ltd will in its first phase produce 750 MW with the coal fired power plant which will be established in the Eastern and Southern Province of Zambia.

Our Values

Our Values are SACRED to us.

Safety: This is a core value which no business objective can have a higher priority.

Agility: Speed, Responsiveness and being Proactive, achieved through collaboration and empowering employees.

Care: Care for Stakeholders - our Environment, Customers & Shareholders, both existing & potential, our Community and our people (employees and partners)

Respect: Treat all stakeholders with respect and dignity.

Ethics: Achieve the most admired standards of Ethics through Integrity and mutual Trust.

Diligence: Do everything with a thoroughness that delivers quality and Excellence – in all areas and especially in Operations, Execution and Growth.

Our Mission

To build an economically viable thermal power plant and supply electricity to all parts of Zambia and Africa in a safe, reliable and environmentally sustainable manner.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the best independent power producer in Zambia and the rest of Africa in terms of safety, reliability and environmental compliance.

Projects & Achievements

Projected level of investment - USD $2 billion. 

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African Power Coal Limited

1750 Lubambe Rd

Lusaka, Lusaka Province

9475090@qq.com +260 211 234651 / 52

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