About the Index

The pgzambia.com Business Index was designed to solve three of Zambia’s key business challenges. How to find reliable and trustworthy suppliers and companies to do business with, to help these businesses to be able to monitor and improve their performance and to improve the access of finance to these businesses to enable them to grow and to boost the economy.

Why should I register my business?

  • Help people to find your business.
  • Show that your business is among the most trusted in Zambia. 
  • The business index is a platform to market your business. 
  • Monitor and improve your performance. 
  • Compare your business’s performance with competitors. 
  • Access finance quickly and more affordably.

What is the business index?

The Index functions similar to a directory in that companies can be found by name, location and industry sector but it goes much further than that by requiring companies to be transparent about their number of employees, what percentage of these employees are youths and female, their range of turnover and level of Zambian ownership.

Companies listed on the Index will also have access to publish unlimited press releases on the pgzambia.com News section to help them to promote their business.

Indexed businesses also have to pick 5 key performance indicators (KPIs) they see as critical to the success of their business which can then be rated by their customers through this website and shortly through mobile phone short code.

This enables businesses to be able to monitor and improve their performance. If businesses are not sure how they can improve their performance, pgzambia.com can organise focus groups with people who have rated a particular business and consult that business on how they can improve their performance.

The Index also enables businesses to check their performance in comparison to their competitors, give them something extra to market and promote their business on.

It also provide pgzambia.com and its’ partners with information about the business and how viable that business is to receive finance.

Some of the reasons why finance is so difficult to access in Zambia is due to lack of trust and due to lack of information. By businesses being on pgzambia.com, being transparent about their business and being open to receive feedback from the general public shows an element of trustworthiness. 

It also provides potential financiers with a lot of information that is already useful to them before the process of due diligence has even started thereby reducing the time it takes to do due diligence and of course time is money, so finance is likely to be accessed more swiftly and more affordably. 

Once a business has received a certain amount of ratings it will be contacted by pgzambia.com to say that it is now eligible to be considered for finance. Once a company is interested in accessing finance, pgzambia.com and its team will visit that business to further understand the business, understand what the finance is to be used for and how the finance will be paid back.

A proposal will then be written and sent to relevant financiers to bid competitively as to what terms they are prepared to offer. If the business accepts, pgzambia.com will then administer and monitor this until the finance has been repaid.