Bill Gates praises Zambian chief in war against HIV

Posted by Online Editor on Sat 2 December, 2017

Gates Mumena

Bill Gates with Chief Mumena outside a Zambian male circumcision clinic

Bill Gates first met Chief Mumena of the Kaonde people in 2012 and Gates said that Mumena “took a risk to challenge his tribe’s traditions in order to protect his people from AIDS.”

Chief Mumena got circumcised in order to set an example to his people. He said, "I think my biggest problem concerning this circumcision was that it is not a part and parcel of my culture. It was taboo to even talk about circumcision in my family."

Mumena's son Benjamin convinced him that voluntary male circumcision was a critical intervention capable of saving lives. It could reduce a man’s risk of contracting HIV by 60% and Mumena himself got circumcised at the age of 47.

Mumena's entire community embraced male circumcision with women challenging their husbands and ensuring their sons to go for it. 

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