Embassy of Japan in Zambia


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Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Zambia.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Projects & Achievements


  • Yearly Japanese Ambassador's Cup Judo Tournament in Zambia

CULTURAL GRANTS (Cumulative Total Fiscal 1975-2011) 

  • ZMW K19.02million (228.9 million yen) - Cultural Grant Aid. 


  • Exports to Zambia:ZMW K735.8 million   (8,860 million Yen) - Automobile, car parts, general machinery.
  • Imports from Zambia: ZMW K465.5 million (5,600 million Yen) - Cobalt, Tobacco, Leather.

Japan's Economic Cooperation (Cumulative Totals as of 2014) 

List of Exchanges of Note

Loans: ZMW K4.8 billion (57,885 million Yen)Grants: ZMW K9.3 billion 1(11,948 million Yen)Technical cooperation: ZMW K4.9 billion (58,677 million Yen)

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Embassy of Japan in Zambia

5218 Haile Selassie Avenue (opposite Intercontinental Hotel), P.O. Box 34190

Lusaka, Lusaka Province

jez@lu.mofa.go.jp +260211-251555 / 252036 / 252039

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