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DODGE Security Limited is a security company focusing principally on provision of quality security services.

Services include private investigation, guarding properties, installation of closed circuit television (cctv) equipment and monitoring, provision of rapid response, and sales monitoring.

The underlying long-term strategic objective of Dodge security Limited is to offer above average security services to our clients, while at the same time create rewarding employment for self, and for direct employees of the Company. It is expected that the business will among others things, contribute towards improvement of security for properties of our assets and reduction of crime at macro level.

The corporate values governing development of DODGE Security Limited include the following: 

(i) Our clients are the reason for our existence.  We shall provide them high quality security services at fair cost and strive to offer them higher levels of services than our competitors can.
(ii) We shall be guided by the highest professional standards in the conduct of our business. 
(iii) Our members of staff are our greatest resource; we value them and trust them. We shall endeavour to create an atmosphere of commitment, motivation, job satisfaction, accountability and loyalty so that the members of staff can develop their careers and feel part of a successful organisation.
(iv) We operate in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with Government, employees, suppliers, financiers, customers, the environment and the community in general.
(v) We wish to be perceived as a good corporate citizen; therefore we shall promote and contribute to worthy causes within the communities in which we operate. 
(vi) We recognise that profit is a measure of our success, that financial strength secures our long-term future.  We shall therefore effectively manage our financial resources so as to ensure worthwhile returns on our investments 

Our Mission

To provide quality and competitive security services that exceeds the expectations of our customers throughout the Country.

Our Vision

By 2020, DODGE Security Limited will be engaged in provision of high quality and competitive security services in the Country to our esteemed clients in various sectors including private homes, hotels and lodges, company premises, banks, industries embassies, and government premises. The company expects to have highly skilled, experienced, and motivated staff.

Projects & Achievements

The Company is so far providing security services to about 273 clients across Zambia: Lusaka, Kabwe, Ndola, Kitwe, Chongwe and Kafue.

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