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Andosa Consulting was initiated to provide expertise and technical services in civil engineering, transportation, road safety and infrastructure development.

Andosa Consulting Engineers Ltd is a fully Zambian owned company. However it brings international experience to the Zambian Labor market through selection of experienced field professionals. Our team consists of internationally trained individuals with vast specialization having worked in Africa, Asia and Europe.

With budgetary constraints across the globe, Andosa is technically placed to advise its clients in value added engineering and technical innovation. Our ethos is simple: adopting a "can do" attitude we strive to work with our clients to think beyond the boundary lines to understand the technical and timescale requirements for the project. Fully understanding the detail of the project, we believe enables us to provide the most practical accurate and creative guidance available.

  • Client Focus- we differentiate through tailored skills and depth
  • Excellence- we strive for excellence, reasoning that excellence is defined by our clients
  • Trust- we build together as a team for the Group and not just the individual
  • People- we create the environment for the people to realize their potential

Andosa Consulting services include; Highway Roads, Road Safety Engineering, Transport Planning, Water and Sanitation and Traffic Design Engineering.


We have experience and capabilities to manage all the design stages of road projects from feasibility stages and preliminary designs to detailed design and construction supervision. We deliver lasting and sustainable solutions for all types of highways, from residential roads to major urban and rural strategic routes.

Our cost-effective designs improve safety, alleviate congestion and extend street and highway life. We also offer expertise in project management, construction management and the supervision and control of construction work. In addition, we carry out road audits and conduct highway status surveys.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Periodic capital maintenance and rehabilitation of roads
  • Highways geometric design
  • Pavement design
  • Road construction material specification
  • Construction supervision
  • Road condition surveys
  • Road Safety

With vehicle ownership on the increase in Zambia, the need to enhance road safety has become pivotal and Andosa is well placed to provide a variety of technical expertise on a broad range of road safety issues. this is done by doing road safety audits and scheme development.

  • Road Safety Audits
  • Road safety Scheme development
  • Accident data collection and scenario detailing
  • Accident investigation and analysis
  • Accidents remedy engineering design measures
  • Road safety improvement design
  • Accident prevention design

We posses extensive capability in transport planning, having delivered various transport planning projects internationally. We undertake schemes ranging from simple school travel plans to strategic network developments.

  • Transport Impact Assessments (TIAs)
  • Public transport infrastructure and route planning
  • Development Planning
  • Development Control
  • Transport Assessments
  • Transport Modelling (Strategic and Localised)
  • Public Transport Network Assessments and Design
  • Bus Priority Routes
  • Accessibility Assessments
  • Local Implementation Plans
  • Travel Plans
  • Transport Economic Assessments
  • Road network assessment for new development

Andosa provides broad technical expertise in all aspects of water management with services covering full water cycle.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Surface water and below ground drainage design
  • Highways drainage design
  • Sewer system design
  • Water distribution systems

We are a Team of professionals with experience to provide innovative solutions to facilitate existing and proposed sites with infrastructure capable of safely accommodating both vulnerable road users (pedestrians, the disabled, cyclists and motorists). 

  • Traffic data collection (Manual classified counts, video surveys, laser guns and loop surveys)
  • Permanent, temporally and pre-construction traffic management
  • Detailed junction design, accommodating equitable use of space by all road users
  • Network capacity enhancement through best practice in designs
  • Traffic signs design and specification
  • Traffic Design Engineering
  • Traffic signal engineering
  • Modelling networks and junctions using computer simulation software
  • Walking and cycling infrastructure design
  • Journey time liability studies and designs
  • Parking scheme designs
  • Speed control zone designs

Andosa Consulting is committed to providing a high level of health and safety for all our employees, clients and stakeholders throughout all of our projects. Upon joining Andosa Consulting every employee has to be inducted into our health and safety management system which ensures that they take responsibility of their own and their colleagues safety. we comply with the various legal obligations for site health and safety standards across the board and where appropriate we take measures to exceed local standards.

Our Mission

To become a trusted partner of our valued clients and endeavor to create exceptional solutions.

Our Vision

To enhance the skills base among Zambian Nationals through targeted training.

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Andosa Consulting Engineers Ltd

23 Yotam Muleya Rd

Lusaka, Lusaka Province

andrewn@andosaconsulting.com +260 211 255817 / 811

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