American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia


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AmCham Zambia operates mainly on four pillars: Advocacy, Financing, Business linkages and Networking


Advocacy is of fundamental importance to the AmCham Zambia membership. While acting as a mouthpiece for the business community, the Chamber seeks to clear issues our members face that are disruptive to business.

The Chamber has cultivated a relationship with actors in different sectors and possesses the ability to assist in expediting issues affected by it’s members pertaining to regulation, compliance, policy, etc

AmCham members can rest assured knowing the full weight and reputation of AmCham Zambia, which is affiliated with the U.S. Chamber of commerce, will make facilitation easier and discourage issues that may impede normal business. Furthermore, we are well-positioned to advocate with the U.S. and Zambian governments to promote the interests of our members in trade and commerce.  


AmCham Zambia understands the challenges of access to finance faced by Zambian businesses. AmCham works on establishing linkages to international SME financers that have favourable and available options on international commercial lending.

Business Linkages 

AmCham seeks linkage opportunities for our membership and we respond effectively to specific assignments that may benefit our members. The Chamber presents unique opportunities for it’s members to engage in business-to-business meetings in Zambia, the United States, and the rest of Africa. AmCham assists in making commercial recommendations, linkages and advisory for companies that may want to enter the Zambian market; or for companies interested in expanding.

Our membership includes successful and quintessential companies in a wide array of industries. The breadth of our network across Africa through the US Chamber gives AmCham Zambia key insights into what is shaping the business landscape across the continent which is particularly invaluable to members looking to expand their operations.


AmCham Zambia recognizes that solid businesses connections are often established outside the office. For this reason, the Chamber hosts regular networking events as well as a popular and well attended golf tournament in September and Thanksgiving dinner in November each year. AmCham Zambia events bring together an exclusive network of highly established and talented business individuals who are united around the idea of sharing, creating and developing ideas and expertise to grow successful businesses.  

  • Professional Development - In addition to business linkages and advocacy, the Chamber promotes professional development through a speaker series that features lectures, and talks from the leaders of industry.
  • Leaders of Industry - the Leaders of Industry series features panel discussion bringing together leaders of industry, government leaders and relevant institution leaders. Our monthly talks are followed by a networking breakfast or cocktail. The events are open to AmCham members.

AmCham Zambia Objectives 

  • Further the development of commerce and trade between Zambia and the USA 
  • Promote the interest of its members in trade and investment  
  • Gather and disseminate information on trade and investment 

Our Mission

The American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia aims to serve American citizens and American controlled companies doing business in Zambia, as well as Zambian businesses already or seeking to become involved in trade with the United States. AmCham will continue to achieve this by establishing a network of forums for sharing information, exchanging ideas and interacting with relevant American and Zambian policy makers.

Our Vision

It is the ultimate goal of the Chamber to increase commerce and trade between the United States and Zambia.

Projects & Achievements

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American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia

35F Leopards Lane
The Works, Latitude 15, Woodlands
Lusaka, 10101

info@amchamzambia.com +260 975 028 026, +260 955 689 301

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