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Afrox Zambia Ltd is an industrial gases, welding and safety products business serving thousands of customers across Zambia.

Afrox Zambia Ltd has been in business for 85 years and has prospered by constantly meeting the needs of its customers and developing solutions that add value to its customer's applications. Afrox Zambia Ltd is part of African Oxygen which has its headquarters in South Africa. Afrox operates in 11 other African Countries and manage operations in five others on behalf of our Parent Company; The Linde Group, a world leading gases and engineering company with more than 50, 000 employees working in over 100 countries worldwide.

Products offered include:

  • Handigas (LPG)
  • Bulk Liquid Gases and Compressed Cylinder Gases
  • Medical Gases
  • Domestic Gases
  • Welding Products

Services offered include:

  • Gas pipeline installation and maintenance

In order to achieve out mission we envisage to be the best in our line of business, activities we undertake and services we provide in Zambia. This will mainly be achieved by being the most customer focused company in Zambia.

Our Mission

Afrox Zambia Ltd will provide services and a focused range of performance enhancing gases and welding products to valued customers, through excellence in operations, customer service and delivery and investment in infrastructure, people and technology for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial and medical gases, welding products, consumables and related products and services in Zambia.

Projects & Achievements

Afrox Zambia Ltd has achieve a number of medical installations done by the Customer Engineering Services team. These Installations have been done at the 

  • University Teaching Hospital, 
  • MKP Trust Hospital, 
  • Lusaka Trust Hospital and all Mine hospitals in the Copperbelt 
  • Manda Hill and Levy Junction Shopping Malls LPG Bulk Installation.
  • East Park Shopping Mall LPG Bulk Installation.

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Afrox Zambia Ltd

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arthur.daka@afrox.linde.com +260 212 611801 / 5

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