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Chartered Accounting and Management Consulting firm providing financial and business solutions.

Abacus 360’s services include accounting, audit, corporate finance, corporate secretarial services, management consulting, recruitment and tax advisory services. These services full under:

  • Financial Reporting

Conducting independent reviews of financial statements to provide reports to the shareholders and/or the directors in the form of:

* Audit Reports compiled by an Independent Auditor.

* Compilation Reports for small and medium sized entities that do not require a statutory audit.

* Agreed Upon Procedures, such as forensic investigations to special committees on matters such as, the utilisation of funds donated to a charity for specific items or independent fraud assessments.

  • Outsourcing

We provide outsourcing services to enable our clients to focus on their core businesses whilst ensuring a higher quality service. These services include:

* Monthly financial reporting

* Payroll services

* Periodic stock counting and verification

* Random cash counts

* Value Added Tax compliance and reporting

* Asset verification

* Debt recovery

  • Consulting

We advise on a variety of matters of strategic importance such as strategy design and implementation, business planning and marketing strategy.  

We register and incorporate companies, business names and NGOs and ensure that our clients are legally compliant.

We also provide advice on optimum group structure, share allocations, directorships and licenses. 

We provide tax advice to ensure our clients obtain the most efficient structures on deals, corporate set-up or personal wealth management including:

* optimum transfer pricing advisory and management

* tax compliance and management, including year-end computations and quarterly tax filings

* tax negotiations

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Nkhata House, Thabo Mbeki Rd

Lusaka, 10101

+260 211 258 340

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